Private moves
– national or international

Private moves in Sweden

We take our responsibilities very seriously from the start to the completion of each and every removal. Whether your move is just a few blocks away or to a different town, we will be there ourselves, with our own team and our own removal vehicles, taking care of your move in the best possible way. We are happy to pack your personal effects for you and take them from door to door. From our offices in Örnsköldsvik, Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö we will assist with your move anywhere in Sweden.

RUT tax deduction as applied to removal services

Did you know that some removal services are eligible to take advantage of the RUT deduction scheme? Packing, unpacking, loading and unloading as well as working hours expended for transportation qualify for a deduction of 50 % of the total cost. This is applied directly to your account and we file a declaration of your deduction on your behalf to the Swedish Tax Office (Skatteverket), to ensure that it is pre-printed on your tax return when this becomes due for submission.

Our prices

We would never claim to be the cheapest removal service and we do not either market ourselves as such. We would rather guarantee that we have valid insurances and retain all the permits that are required to be held by a professional removal firm. Our employees have a collective agreement (as required by Swedish employment law) and we comply with all the current rules relating to trade and labour legislation.

Insurance regarding valuable items

In the event of accidental damage affecting an item of property during a move, we are covered by a liability insurance that indemnifies for losses with up to one half of a Price Base Amount (prisbasbelopp) per item. If you wish to move especially valuable items, we would recommend that you undertake to insure these items separately and specifically. With respect to weapons, for example those used for hunting and competition, you should arrange to transport these yourself, ensuring also that you have valid licences for them, in your country of current residence and in the country of your destination. We will move your weapon cabinet, after you yourself have cleared it of its contents.

Private moves overseas

Overseas moves represent the most substantial part of our operation. At the point of an order being placed, we assess what we consider to be the most efficient and cost-effective alternative for your particular move. SBK Moving is the only removal company in Sweden able to offer a comprehensive international removal service, meaning that our staff handles the packing as well as the move itself, using our own removal vehicles, with the whole process being overseen by our own removal coordinators.

By air, truck or sea

If your move is to take place within Europe, we transport your consignment ourselves. We can move either all or a part of your household effects. If we are handling a short, rapid assignment, we may use an air freight service overseas if required.

If a removal is to be by sea, we pack and stow your household effects in a container, for onward transport to the ship. On arrival at the destination, our partner company will take care of your container and its onward transport to the location of your choice.

RUT tax deduction, import and export

We deal with all the administration with regard to your move. We complete all the necessary documentation and our operatives have appropriate training to deal with import and export procedures, customs regulations and the like with respect to moves within and outside the EU.

When you move privately to an EU/EEA state, you are eligible for a RUT deduction of 50% of the total cost. We reduce your account by the appropriate amount and file a declaration of your deduction on your behalf to the Swedish Tax Office (Skatteverket), to ensure that it is pre-printed on your tax return when this becomes due for submission.

Storage and intermediate storage

When moving, most of us are keen to move into our new home straight away. But sometimes, it is not possible to coordinate the timing when leaving your old home and moving into the new one. You may have a period where you are between homes, having left the one but unable to gain access to the other.

We can resolve the issue of storing your belongings for you, if you arrange your move with us.

We can offer intermediate storage of your furniture in our warehouses, during the period when you are between homes. We offer short and long-term storage in our warehouses in both Sweden and France.

Cleaning service

In addition to traditional removals, we offer cleaning services for your property and we will also clean it in advance of you vacating. This is carried out in co-ordination with our partners and can be offered in the locations in which we operate.

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